4 Nations: Key Information & Organisation Applications

As promised, here is all the key information you’ll need to get preparing for the upcoming Open Qualifiers and Autumn split!

Four slots in Division 1 will be allocated via an application process, which can be found further down the page. The remaining four will be allocated via Open Qualifiers. Depending on the number of sign-ups and applications, we remain open to hosting a Division 2 this split. All slots for Division 2 will be allocated via the Open Qualifiers.

In the event of qualification, a team must retain 3/5 of their starting roster from Open Qualifiers to the regular split, and be representing an organisation that is a registered legal entity prior to the start of the split.

Update: Open Qualifier sign-ups are now live! Click here.

Roster requirements:
Each team must field at least 3 UK & Ireland resident players on their starting line-up for every match.
Each player must be 16 or more years old prior to the 18th September 2023.
Qualifying teams must maintain at least 3/5 of their starting roster from Open Qualifiers to the split.
Rosters can consist of up to 10 players.
There is no minimum rank requirements.

Key dates:
Open Qualfier sign-ups live: Friday 4th August (6pm)
Org. applications close: Friday 18th August (6pm), responses guaranteed by EOD 21st August.
Open Qualfier sign-ups close: Friday 25th August (6pm)
Open Qualifier dates: 28th August – 10th September (Match days TBD)
Regular season: 18th September – 2nd November (Mondays & Thursdays)
Play-offs: 6th November – 19th November (Match days TBD)

4 Nations format:
Open Qualifiers: TBD (Dependent on no. of teams)
Regular season: Double round-robin, best-of-1, 2 matches per week.
Play-offs: Double elimination, best-of-3, best-of 5 finals (Top 6 in regular season qualify, but 5th/6th start in the lower bracket)
Promotion & relegation: TBD (Dependent on no. of divisions)

Application process:
To apply for a slot in Division 1, click the link below. Please ensure you read the information at the top of the form thoroughly before entering your answers. If you have any questions, contact details can be found on the form.

Click here to go to the form!

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope the excitement for the upcoming split is building!