4 Nations Open Qualifiers: Community Broadcasts

The 4 Nations Autumn ’23 Open Qualifiers begin on Monday 28th August!

There will be no official broadcast for any of these matches. Instead, we encourage the community to take the reigns and show us what they’ve got. Everyone is welcome to broadcast any of the matches, whether you are the organisation playing, a caster looking to show off your skills, or just a community member looking to get involved.

We do however have a few requirements which must be adhered to…

Community Broadcast Requirements

  • Permission must be given by both teams. If one team says no, then you must respect that.
  • The 4 Nations logo must be visible at all times on the broadcast. Link to download.
  • Your channel description must include a link to our Twitter and Discord server while live. URLs are provided further down.
  • The stream title must include “4 Nations Autumn ’23 – Open Qualifiers”, and preferably with the team names as well.
  • The broadcast must be done through the in-game observer/spectate function. It is not allowed to stream from a players point of view.
  • It is not permitted to advertise any sponsors, products, or similar, without explicit permission from the UKEL senior management. The broadcast must also be freely available to watch by anyone.
  • The broadcast must not make any reference of being affiliated with either 4 Nations or Riot Games.
  • The broadcast should not contain any content that is considered to be abusive or offensive.

If that all sounds good to you, then we look forward to seeing your coverage!

Don’t forget to tag us on Twitter and post in our Discord server when you go live so we can support your stream.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theUKEL
Discord: https://discord.gg/theukel

See you on the Rift!