About the UKEL

Our Goal

The UKEL is a provider of Esports leagues and tournaments. Our goal is to aid the growth of UK Esports by providing a structured environment for amateur teams to compete and gain exposure for themselves and their players. We invite aspiring teams to take part in our leagues and live stream every match- providing exposure, experience and infrastructure unparalleled at this level.


The Journey so Far

We started in summer 2019 with our preliminary League of Legends (LOL) split, where 8 teams competed for the chance to win a set of top quality peripherals supplied by previous sponsor, MSI. Our ‘trial split’ was a resounding success, and after improving on some of our initial ideas, we believed we had a product worthy of another split. After discussions with our 2019 teams, in which we gained some incredibly valuable feedback and ideas for our development, plans for the 2020 UKEL Spring Split were put in motion.

It’s an old adage heard in every competitive sport- there’s no time to rest on your laurels. So, despite the success of our first split, this was no time to get complacent; we wanted to come back in 2020 with a bigger and better show than before. We decided to upgrade what we had on offer to both teams and the viewers. New graphics were produced and we secured a production manager whose experience and expertise brought an even higher level of finesse to our live stream, with some even comparing the production of the stream to top-level tournaments. We also moved away from peripheral and physical prizes and introduced a prize pool of £1500- something we decided was more beneficial to teams and players, and would up the stakes even further for such a young pool of talent. 

After our first two successful splits, we have grown into a league that we hope will become a staple part of the UK’s progression path for players and organisations to climb the ranks.


The Future

Looking to the future, we will continue to build on our now established LOL league and we’ll endeavour to work with like-minded collaborators- with the view to creating and maintaining an environment of competitive progression for players and organisations. We’ll also look to expand our area of operations to other Esports titles and develop leagues and tournaments to build on the diversity of esports events currently available to up and coming UK talent.