Broadcast Update – 4 Nations Spring ’24

Viewers of our recent match day broadcasts will be aware of issues we’ve faced which has resulted in the spectator client freezing during an on-going match. This issue has unfortunately resulted in us having to end our previous two broadcasts early as we were unable to guarantee a smooth viewing experience.

Earlier this week we believed we’d identified a temporary solution to the problem, however with further testing we found this was not the case and the problem was persisting. We are continuing to look for solutions ourselves and have also alerted Riot Games to the issue, who are looking into a permanent fix. This still leaves us in the difficult situation of being unable to guarantee a reliable broadcast, which is problematic for the viewers, as well as staff who have given up their evening to be part of it.

We owe it to everyone involved in 4 Nations to deliver a quality broadcast as part of our commitment to developing the UK & Ireland’s League of Legends ecosystem, and so we have come to a temporary solution that we believe works best for all parties.

The following will be in effect until we can resolve the aforementioned issue:

  • Teams will continue to play their matches as previously scheduled to avoid disruption, however these matches will not be broadcast live.
  • Replay files, draft phases, and post-game stats will be collected by our League Ops team and handed to our Broadcast team.
  • These will be used to broadcast matches on the next scheduled match day (e.g. tonight’s matches will be broadcast on Monday 5th February).
  • These broadcasts will be produced and cast live in the same manner as a regular match day.
  • Results will not be publicly shared until the matches have aired, though teams will be provided the replays and draft phases immediately to allow them to prepare for their next match.
  • Once we have confirmation that the issue is resolved, we will schedule an additional broadcast day to allow us to begin broadcasting matches live again.

While this is not ideal, we believe it to be the best solution that maintains the competitive integrity of 4 Nations while also allowing us to deliver a consistent and quality broadcast.

Tonight’s broadcast will feature the 3 matches that were missed on Monday:

  • 18:30 GMT – PARAGON vs. Venomcrest Serpents
  • 19:30 GMT – Ruddy Esports vs. Belfast Storm
  • 20:30 GMT – Lionscreed Academy vs. Nuclear Vikings

We hope you understand our decisions and thank you for your patience and continued support of 4 Nations!