Introducing the Student Proving Grounds

The UKEL, in collaboration with the UKLC, NSE and NUEL, are extremely proud to present a first of its kind initiative in the UK, the Student Proving Grounds!

For many years now, the student esports scene has been thriving with the support of both NUEL and NSE. Each academic year sees a fresh cohort of talented and driven students who want to build their brand in the esports community. However, for a long time the student League of Legends scene has been somewhat disjointed from the wider UK LoL scene. This is where the Student Proving Grounds comes in.

What does the Student Proving Grounds aim to achieve?

Student Proving Grounds aims to put talented students on centre stage for an audience of experienced coaches and managers who have direct ties to professional and semi-professional esports organisations in the UK. From this exposure, we hope to see a wider selection of student players move into the professional UK LoL scene.

How will the Student Proving Grounds achieve this?

Eligible students are invited to apply for a Proving Grounds tournament that will take place at the end of April.

Successful applicants will be drawn into 4 teams. Each team will be coached and managed by representatives from a UKLC team. These teams will then compete in a single round robin group stage, followed by a single elimination play-off bracket all broadcast live on the UKEL Twitch channel!

Through direct contact with professional organisation staff, as well as the exposure on Twitch, the students involved will have the opportunity to show off their skills in front of organisation staff who will be looking for new players to bring onboard in the upcoming summer splits of UKEL and UKLC.

The tournament also hopes to engage students with the wider UK LoL community and by doing so, encourage them to get involved!

Dates and format:

25th April – 6 group stage games (BO1)

26th April – Semi final #1 (BO3)

29th April – Semi final #2 (BO3)

30th April – 3rd/4th place match (BO3) & finals (BO3)

Who is eligible?

All students who are currently enrolled at a UK university and are Diamond 4 or higher in ranked solo/duo queue.

How do I get involved?

Sign-up through the following Google form, the UKEL will be in contact with successful applicants shortly after the deadline on the 18th April (10pm).

Click here to sign-up!