Meet the Teams – Summer 2020

With the UKEL’s 2020 Summer Split on the horizon (11th June), everyone is wondering which teams will be going head to head for the coveted chance to be promoted into the UKLC. 

Today those questions will be answered, but first, a quick farewell to the teams who have departed from the league. Firstly, London Esports and Bulldog Esports who, after winning their matches in the UKLC Closed Qualifiers, were promoted to compete in the UKLC. And secondly, Absolved, Peak Esports and last year’s champions who no longer remain in the League for their own reasons.

Now, back to the introduction of your UKEL 2020 Summer Split teams, starting with the returning teams from last season:



Since the conception of the UKEL in 2019, Mythos have been here. The UKEL was their first introduction to League of Legends and they’ve constantly been improving since they came. Mythos constantly put on entertaining matches, and now understand “the importance” of winning this split and it’s something that all of Mythos is “striving for”, especially with the chance of promotion into the UKLC.


Vector Gaming are back again after achieving fifth place in the spring split and just missing out on third in the Spring Playoffs. The aim for Vector this split is to provide their team an “environment to grow whilst developing up and coming talent”. Whilst pushing for top 3 and qualifying for the UKLC would be ideal for Vector, they’re focusing on the future and believing in the “foundations they are building”.



Just like Mythos, Viperio have been here since the start, in their words, “they’re no stranger to the league” and unlike others they know the taste of victory, winning the inaugural season and the unfortunate bitterness of defeat after last season. This time round, however, there is a “real incentive for the players moving forward” and Viperio are back once again with a “strong roster” that they’re confident will be “pushing the top spots this season”.

Moving onto the fresh faces joining the UKEL, these guys are excited to be here and are ready to make a stand to prove that they’re here to stay.


LDN UTD (not to be confused with last season’s London Esports) are a fan-focused grassroots organisation, who recently held their tryouts live on their twitch, garnering quite an audience. The team stated that despite not being able to hide the fact they are new to the League of Legends scene, they believe in the “competitiveness and strength of the roster” and are looking forward to helping grow the grassroots scene.



Despite not being Lucendi Gaming’s first venture into League of Legends, (some veterans may remember back in 2015) they are aware they are the “new guys” in the League of Legends space but that doesn’t deter them from aiming to “make a statement” in the summer split. This time Lucendi feel that they’re prepared to take on the League of Legends scene and perform in the UKEL.


NerdRage Logo

nerdRage have performed well in their former ventures in League of Legends, coming 3rd in the ESL UK Premiership back in 2017. This OG org, founded back in 2015 have proved themselves again and again and the UKEL are happy to welcome a team of their experience into the line-up.



Revenge have entered the UKEL with a clear goal, “to take this split by storm”, this new addition to the league have a strong sense of motivation and have built themselves a “great core of players” and are looking to develop a “strong strategy” in order for the team to qualify for the UKLC. To them, this is the “reality behind revenge”, bold words and hopefully there will be a fighting spirit to match.



A lot of you may recognise this team from the UKLC Closed Qualifiers just gone – Resolve enter the UKEL with a key focus being “development of the players”. They believe that they have a “strong group with a lot of potential” and recognise that for them, the UKEL is the first step in becoming one of “the strongest teams in Europe”. Fighting talk from Resolve! Let’s hope they can back it up.

And there we have it, all 8 teams you’ll be seeing go head-to-head in the UKEL for their spot at a promotion to the NLC’s UKLC. I for one cannot wait to see these compete and believe that the matches are gonna be show-stopping. 

Make sure you’re there on Thursday 11th June for the first games of the split!