Munster Rugby Gaming joins the UKEL!

The UKEL is excited to welcome Munster Rugby Gaming to the 2021 Spring Split!

In the few short days that applications were open we received 14 applications from various organisations, thank you to everyone who applied and showed an interest in the spot! However, we can only choose one successful applicant. Due to the exceptional nature and time constraints involved with the selection of this spot, we believe that Munster is the best fit for the UKEL in Spring 2021.

Founder and Operations Director Alex “Synygy” Winton had the following to say regarding the selection:

“I’m sure some will find the choice of Munster surprising given recent events, however I’m a firm believer in second chances when they’re due. Munster submitted a very strong application, setting out their plan and goals by joining the UKEL and how they aim to carry that forwards, I also believe that committing to starting fresh from the bottom rung of the ladder shows their seriousness with building a successful esports organisation.

I would also like to confirm that Munster Rugby are in sole control of Munster Rugby Gaming, this is not a partnership with another esports organisation.”

You can catch Munster in action starting from the 21st January live on our Twitch channel!