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Spotlight: SINCYN

Yesterday we saw Absolved face off against Vector Gaming and head forward to the top of the table with a 2-0 record shared only by Peak Esports. Last Sunday I had the pleasure of interviewing Sincyn, the coach of Absolved, before their match with Vector Gaming. We discussed the difference between Absolved’s 7th place finish last year compared to their dominant victory over last year’s inaugural champions Viperio. SinCyn commented on how Absolved was a “relatively new team” last year compared to other teams like Bulldog and Viperio, who are both a lot more established and were more attractive to upcoming players. This year SinCyn’s vision of Absolved is truly coming to fruition as this year he is coaching a line-up that he is “incredibly, incredibly confident with”. He also holds himself responsible for “making mistakes” last year, and that he’s improved and become more well-rounded this year, which has been clearly demonstrated in their two victories.

In regards to Absolved’s victory over Viperio, SinCyn commented that despite having the “star mid laner” Thomas Goh, the team “works together as a unit” and have “amazing chemistry” which can really be seen in their matches as they’ve been especially dominant in teamfights and have managed to secure the dragon soul in both of their games, establishing the cohesion the team is playing with. SinCyn’s confidence in the team remained strong when asked about how he thinks they’d perform in last night’s match against Vector Gaming, he was careful not to jinx his team by saying they’d win, and was ultimately very respectful to the opposing team, commenting on them being a great UK lineup that works very well together, commenting specifically on fuyu, stating his performance in the UKPG was “incredible”.

When discussing why there were no changes to the main roster heading into the second week, SinCyn mentioned the 10-man roster they have, being useful to train against, in addition to Absolved having a team in the LCD also providing a lot of utility and potential roster changes for SinCyn to work with, at one point it was even compared to the Cloud9 10-man roster. SinCyn commented that the players on his sub-roster are bursting with talent and “should be looked out for”. It’s clear to see that work ethos is highly valued by the coach of Absolved as he believes the biggest reason to make a change in a team is effort and that as long as “the effort is there and there’s no disruptive mental” he will be “reluctant” to change things.

SinCyn described how the landscape had changed since last year’s summer playoffs, with many rosters being quite different, meaning that every roster “needed to be treated the same” and are capable of throwing out “massive wildcards”. Despite this, when asked what match-up he is most anticipating he mentioned London Esports being the next big match, that decides who has the “mental edge” going into playoffs if both teams keep up their strong form and reach them. The match against London Esports will see DeathByLollipops facing off against his former coach, to which SinCyn commented that it was sad to see him go, yet Absolved has a “really, really solid team” with “incredible replacements”.

When asked how he feels how he has improved personally, SinCyn responded saying he feels more “well-rounded in drafting” and is now able to more easily “identify mistakes” as well as become a lot more professional and not let “emotions get in the way”. It’s easy to be excited about Absolved’s future games with a coach this confident in both himself and the team.

Look out for Absolved’s next game against the only other 2-0 team in the league Peak Esports, Monday 17th February at 8PM!