Team Update: Spring ’24

The 2024 Spring Split is just on the horizon and that means we have a few updates on the participating teams in both Division 1 and 2!

Division 1

Joining Division 1 we have two familiar faces who both previously competed in Division 2:

  • EXE Machina join PARAGON

EXE Machina have chosen to sign with their fellow former Division 2 competitors PARAGON to take on the challenge of Division 1 under the team name PARAGON.EXE.

  • Tempest Gaming replaced by Nuclear Vikings

Tempest Gaming alerted League Officials of their intention to forfeit their spot in Division 1 in the new year. Typically this spot would have been offered first to one of the unsuccessful teams from the most recent promotion tournament, however both participants were ineligible at this time: Arcadeia opted to forfeit their spot in Division 2 and PARAGON had acquired EXE Machina‘s spot in Division 1 as mentioned above. Therefore, the next team in line to be offered the spot was Nuclear Vikings due to their 3rd place Division 2 finish in Autumn ’23.

Division 2

In Division 2, we are pleased to welcome one new but familiar organisation as well as retaining a previous participant:

  • Verdant acquire PARAGON‘s spot

PARAGON were unsuccessful in the recent promotion tournament and so retained their Division 2 spot. As mentioned above, they later acquired EXE Machina in Division 1, but this did not require them to forfeit their spot in Division 2. PARAGON however did not wish to retain their Division 2 spot and so Verdant approached them to acquire it.

  • LC Lionesses retain their spot and will not face relegation

Following Arcadeia forfeiting their spot in Division 2, Nuclear Vikings moving to Division 1, and the fact there was already an “open” spot left by Vulpine Esports, this leaves 3 open spots in Division 2. It was decided by League Officials that the best course of action would be to suspend the Closed Qualifier’s (i.e. Promotion/Relegation) for Spring ’24 and instead offer the 3 open spots directly to the Open Qualifier’s.

N.B. This will mean a slight adjustment to the latter portion of the Open Qualifier schedule. Participating team’s will be notified of the exact implications of this in due course.

A quick reminder that Open Qualifier sign-ups are live until the 19th January, so get signed up if you’d like a shot at one of the 3 open spots!

Both the Open Qualifiers and Division 1 kick-off on 22nd January.