The UKEL partners with ProjeKt GAP!

With the Autumn ’23 split of 4 Nations beginning today, the UKEL is excited to announce it’s partnership with esports and gaming events agency Projekt Gap.

As part of our continued commitment to building a stronger future for League of Legends in the UK & Ireland, the first aspect to tackle is the 4 Nations broadcast.

The broadcast is the UKEL’s flagship product, bringing the best of British and Irish League of Legends to the community. Naturally, we wanted to reflect the talent we see in-game on the broadcast as well. ProjeKt GAP (PKG) has a strong track record in delivering high quality broadcasts across a range of tournaments, including Red Bull Campus Clutch UK 2022, Oversight Series Apex Legends, and VCT Balkan Multilinguals. They have also been instrumental in bringing Women’s and Non-binary League of Legends to the wider European audience through their launch of PATHFINDERS!

“Levelling up the quality of our broadcast is instrumental to the ongoing success of both the UKEL and 4 Nations. For a lot of people, it’s the first thing they see of us, and first impressions always matter. We’re very happy to be working alongside PKG given their impressive track record in recent years.” – Alex “Synygy” Winton, Operations Director for UKEL

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside the UKEL, and by extension Riot Games, to deliver the 4 Nations broadcast. While the broadcast is the focal point, we will also be delivering additional content for socials in parallel to support the action and story lines that are unfolding on the broadcast itself. We hope the community is excited for what we have in store!” – Pierre Silcock-Commerman, Managing Director for PKG

In addition to delivering the 4 Nations broadcast, PKG will be working alongside the UKEL to create both on and offline community experiences for all League of Legends fans across the UK & Ireland. While we don’t have concrete plans to share with the community at this time, you can expect news and updates as the split gets underway with how to get involved!

“Esports is rooted in community. Without a strong community to support players, teams, and tournaments, there is no way for esports to succeed. That’s why we’re delighted to be working with the UKEL to create inclusive community spaces for the UK & Ireland League of Legends scene. We can’t wait to get started and get everyone together!” Ali “Rezidor” Rashid, Head of Product & Business Development for PKG

4 Nations kicks off tonight at 17:30 BST over on our Twitch channel!