Week 5

UKEL 2020 Summer Split – Week 5 Round Up

Revenge v nerdRage

MVP: Gricuś

In this game, Revenge knocked nerdRage off their spot at the top of the league table in a brutal display as we saw MVP of the game Gricuś tearing through nerdRage’s lineup every chance he got on the Shyvana top pick, that was almost too strong to fight from the get-go. Revenge went into this game all guns blazing, with them having taken the second herald at just fifteen minutes into the game, with the first one having been used to annihilate top lane, taking out the tier 1 and tier 2 turrets so early. That’s not to say that nerdRage didn’t have some moments to shine themselves, with their first kill of the game being a very flashy blind snipe from Kzed, who at 20 minutes was sitting comfortably with 2 items and with a gold lead over Fuyu.

Revenge really followed in the footsteps of Gricuś’s half dragon, as they managed to take all 4 drakes and even elder drake, making it easy for them to shut out the game when combined with their second baron buff of the game. nerdRage took their fair share of turrets, and were almost able to siege Revenge’s base during one of their resets, but ultimately after a long string of teamfights in which they were losing at least 2 allies, the final fight came down to a fight at the elder drake, which saw Revenge claim the drake and mow down 4 of their opponents before rumbling straight into the base, that had already been sieged once before, and destroying the nexus, ignoring top good role’s efforts to defend it.

Revenge showed a dominant display over the former top of the league, demonstrating that they’ve got their sights set on playoffs. If they keep up this form, it’ll be a tough game for Lucendi next week.

Viperio v LDN UTD

MVP: Coomecoom

Prior to this game Viperio were on a two game win streak, and started the game with that confidence, with a very early 5v5 at herald giving them a 4 kill advantage and Sykes’ Corki picking up a nice 3-0 at 10 minutes into the game. London were taking a lot of fights they shouldn’t necessarily have taken but were also getting picks wherever they can, however, they were still 2 drakes down to Viperio, who had established quite a lead over LDN UTD.

This lead wasn’t to last long, as a fight in the jungle saw LDN UTD taking out 4 members of Viperio and chasing Kazz for the last, letting them ace the game and take baron nashor, completely swinging the game in their favour. Once the ball was rolling there was no stopping LDN UTD, who were not going to give their lead away no matter what as a second fight in the dragon pit saw them playing to their strengths and fighting in a choke which put them ahead in both kills and gold. Since LDN UTD has 3 cloud drakes (4 later on in the game) MVP of the game Coomecoom was able to fire off his ultimate a lot more often than normally with the 30% CD. His ultimates were praised for being consistent, and despite sometimes only getting one kill it was the best option at the time for him.

LDN UTD siege Viperio, destroying their mid and bot inhibitors before heading to the top lane and pushing up to the inhibitor. With one fight left in the game, LDN UTD take 2 kills from Viperio at a skirmish for drake and rush to end the game without hesitation, completely ignoring the Viperio members defending the nexus, destroying it with relative ease. A really well played game by LDN UTD who were able to remain calm and pull the game back from them initially making a few bad calls and falling behind.

Mythos v Resolve

MVP: Artorias

Probably the most explosive start we’ve seen in the UKEL thus far came from a catastrophic misfire from Mythos who attempted to invade Resolve’s red camp, which was well read from Resolve who picked up three kills, going onto all three of the carries, only losing their support in the process. With what was already a hard game for Mythos now 10x harder, all of their hope was in Kassadin and Aphelios out-scaling their opponents, the only question was, would they survive that long?

It was in the mid to “late” game where Artorias’ Kayle really came online, absolutely disintegrating Mythos in any skirmish, such as the battle for the third drake, in which he got an easy double kill, or his solo kill on Artesuika’s Kassadin demonstrating his sidelane pressure, or even (most notably) the teamfight that Resolve turned from Mythos’ flash hook engage into a bloodbath with Artorius’ damage being off the charts. That last encounter allowed Resolve to push mid and destroy the inhibitor, as well as take baron with literally zero contest from Mythos.

Resolve set their sites on the top lane and pushed it so hard they destroyed the inhibitor before deciding that they’d had enough and end the game there and then, literally killing Mythos in their fountain whilst they destroyed the nexus. After this complete domination, Resolve move to the top of the table, whilst Mythos are left to stew over their second consecutive loss in the UKEL.

Lucendi v Vector

MVP: Puru

In Lucendi’s conquest to find their first win in the UKEL, it’s almost all but gifted to them by Vector gaming as their experimental drafts go too far, having almost no cohesion at all, leaving Jamada quite literally lost for words. That isn’t to say that Lucendi didn’t play their part in what was actually quite a destructive victory, evidenced by the absolutely annihilation in the drake pit after Lucendi pick up 4 kills with Ornn getting a triple kill after his brilliant Call of the Forge God smashes Vector to pieces, this also allowed Lucendi to get the herald with no contest.

Despite this rough start, Vector was able to keep up for a short while, taking out the first two drakes, however, this was short lived as another fight in the topside river saw another amazing Call of the Forge God and Lucendi came out on top. Lucendi took out midlane and botlane tier 2 turrets after getting picks all over the map, meaning they had 5 turrets to none with an Azir on their side, making pushing out of their own base a challenge for Vector.

With a 11k gold lead at 25 minutes, Lucendi used the extra damage from their two infernal drakes to steamroll through Vector’s defence and destroy the nexus. The MVP of this game Puru came from the fact that he instantly shut down the Swain.. Fiddle.. Botlane and was pretty much the sole reason that Lucendi won the first herald fight that gave them such an insane advantage.