UKEL partners with Playbase.GG

Our goal at the UKEL is to aid the growth and development of UK esports. We started out with what we know, League of Legends, and developed one of the UK’s most successful amateur tournaments from the ground up. However, right from the start, we’ve had discussions regarding expanding our reach and how we can best serve the scene. 

We’ve always wanted to provide leagues for multiple games, and alongside our main, broadcasted leagues, have development leagues for amateur players. The idea of these leagues would be to create a structured team environment for up-and-coming players and orgs to hone their skills and practice their crafts. 

In order to do this, our current website wouldn’t be enough. Whilst it does allow us to run leagues and tournaments effectively, it’s a very manual process and takes a lot of time to maintain and setup. We’ve been searching for a solution to this problem for a while now and even began developing our own. However, towards the end of 2021 a solution presented itself. 

We’re delighted to announce that we are partnering with Playbase.GG and moving our operations over to their platform. Whilst the platform is still currently in development, we’re excited with what we’ve seen so far and testing has been successful. 

The platform will allow us to run open leagues and tournaments for players and teams to join and in the near future, we will be able to move our closed tournaments over to it as well. It will also track the stats of players so prospective teams can see how well players have been performing. In keeping with our goals of aiding the growth of UK esports, all of our competitions will remain free to enter. We’ve always championed accessibility, and that’s not going to change However, the platform allows us to monetize using adverts and to sell products, which will help with our running costs and prize pools in the future.

The eventual goal of using this platform is to provide ‘pro’ leagues with participation funds as well as prize pools, and subsequent leagues below with a promotion / relegation system and prize pools at lower levels as well. We’ll also be looking to run off-season tournaments to keep everyone engaged and well-practiced.

We’re excited to begin using the platform and it presents a unique opportunity for us as we work closely with Playbase.GG to shape its future and development.