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UKEL Spring 2020 – Week 2 Round-Up

Week 2 of the UKEL 2020 Spring Split saw most victorious teams winning definitively, with most losers not having much to show. With the teams becoming more well-rounded the games look like anyone can win, with some upset victories such as NSG beating Bulldog, throwing off a lot of predictions.

Game 1: Peak Esports vs Viperio

MVP: Frazer (won overall MVP of the week)

The first game of the week saw Peak Esports, who managed to claim an “upset” victory over the hyped-up London Esports take on Viperio Esports, who after losing to Absolved last week were looking to coil up and strike back at their opponents reminding everyone who they represent. Unexpectedly Viperio called up two new players to the main roster, subbing out smurfwing1 for German top laner Wambo, and Hiyeh substituting for Hades in the bot lane.

The first blood of the game went the way of Viperio as Wambo got a solo-kill on Curly Fry in the top lane. Additionally, Viperio were able to secure the first drake of the game within the first 10 minutes. The first teamfight of the game was around the second drake, despite Curly Fry’s great 3-man taunt on Shen the fight still went the way of Viperio. Then it all changed. Starting with a double kill on Frazer’s Karthus just before capturing the mountain drake for Peak Esports, which really started the ball rolling.

Peak Esports managed to turn every teamfight started by Viperio against them, with Viperio struggling to find any source of damage on their team, including the failed baron steal by VIPER that gave Alcove Andy a double kill in the top lane. With a 7.5k gold deficit at 25 minutes, Viperio struggled to do anything but die to the immense damage from Peak Esports’ Alcove Andy and Frazer’s R. With 4 mountain drakes and a mountain soul, the victors were near unkillable and sieged the base with ease. This game really seemed like Viperio’s game to lose… and they did.

Game 2: London Esports vs Mythos

MVP: NoName

The second game of week two saw one of the more hyped up matches with Mythos’ dominant performance last week showing they mean business in the UKEL facing off against the team with immense talent and poor luck (sorry NoName), London Esports. With NoName picking up first blood within the first few minutes of the game, Mythos were eager to strike back – the first attempt saw DBL have to escape a 1v3 gank with his life, and second saw Potetsalat’s Viktor exhaust both summoner spells to destroy Nice Guy Dom in the mid-lane, only to be popped by NoName again.

Despite this, Mythos was able to pick up the Rift Herald early and the focus on objectives saw the tension rise around the cloud drake, with the engage from NoName onto Mythos’ Kri1zzlep rewarding BlueSpirits with a tasty double-kill. The fight for the cloud drake wasn’t over, however, as a second-team fight burst out at the objective ending with Mythos securing the drake but unfortunately being unable to secure their lives as London Esports cleaving through the health bars and picking up two more kills.

Mythos showed no signs of giving up, managing to scrape some kills in the midlane however the early lead to London Esports just seemed to be too much, and with a final one-sided teamfight ending in ace, the 13k gold lead London Esports ended the game within 30 minutes. With such a dominant performance one has to ask – is the outcome of a London Esports game reliant on NoName’s internet?

Game 3: Bulldog vs NSG

MVP: disco dano

Game three of the week gave the NSG roster an opportunity to show that last week’s loss to Mythos was a fluke, and they were eager to prove this against Bulldog. The solo kill in the top lane was a clear demonstration that NSG meant business – Bulldog bit back by taking the cloud drake early. Following this the game went quiet in terms of kills, a virtual “cold war” took place with attempted kills everywhere, with nothing coming to fruition for either team.

This all changed when Roselina commanded a gank in the botlane, decimating the health of Vayne God and Alspooks. NSG were determined not to let this slow them down, so they released the Rift Herald top and charged at Kera… unsuccessfully. Kera’s Renekton was able to cleave through Olaf and Sett with the only saving grace of the assault in the top lane being that MVP of the game Disco Dano managed to pick up a kill onto Windz’ Veigar. Shortly after, the first “team-fight” of the game broke out with NSG definitively crushing Bulldog, despite having the numbers advantage.

The aftermath saw skirmishes taking place everywhere, with Kera and Roselina kicking ass and taking names for Bulldog, but unfortunately not being enough to contest disco dano’s Syndra whose damage output is immense. The continued skirmishes ended in a 28 kill game in 20 minutes, with no sign of the bloodbath stopping. With NSG having acquired 3 drakes and having a 7k gold lead, there was a siege on two fronts that Bulldog had to defend which they managed to do, being able to snatch the life of disco dano who overstayed in the midlane.

The final drake going to the side of NSG saw them with 3 ocean drakes and an ocean soul, with regen that makes them near unkillable the last few minutes of the game came after. NSG took the final Baron Nashor, sieged the base of Bulldog, and were able to finally crush the nexus, shortly after acing their opponents.

Game 4: Vector vs Absolved

MVP: Thomas Goh

Game 4 of the week saw Absolved try and continue their lead against Vector who unfortunately were unable to produce a victory against Bulldog last week. Similarly to Absolved’s game last week the first blood came amongst a 1 for 1 trade in the mid lane, with this game’s MVP Thomas Goh able to score his second first blood of the split. Absolved’s focus on objectives is clear as they swiftly take the mountain drake, before Thomas Goh is able to score another solo kill against Splaff, miraculously surviving on a slither of health. Vector strike back with a 4v3 in the botlane that takes out Gould and Regan, putting Vector a kill and gold lead. Not too long after though Thomas Goh is able to even the kills with another solo-kill onto the Cassiopeia.

Pressure began to build around the Rift Herald, and despite Vector taking it uncontested, Absolved punished Vector and swiped 2 kills. Fortunately for Absolved, despite losing the Rift Herald it wasn’t effectively used with the gold being spread across the team. Staying on the topic of objectives, Absolved easily secure the second ocean drake and release the infernal rift making the fights in the jungle we saw last week more easily accessible with the more open map.

The second Rift Herald went the way of Absolved, like other objectives uncontested. But tension began massively rising around 3rd drake, with the teamfight bot side starting a series of fights that became decisive in the outcome of the game. Vector forced the fight bot but Absolved were able to win the teamfight, only losing Thomas Goh in a 4 for 1 trade. Vector were still able to secure the drake though. The second teamfight in the trilogy of fights occurred in the top side and went the way of Vector, making the game more even after Yuki No Fuyu’s MF ultimate crushed the health bars of Absolved. After a few skirmishes and Absolved picking up the baron the final teamfight in the bot side saw Absolved score an ace against Vector, with Thomas Goh picking up a triple kill. With no defenses, Vector had to watch through grayscale as Absolved destroyed their nexus in the final siege.

Week 2 saw teams like Peak Esports and Absolved demonstrate their strength by going 2-0, excitingly for viewers the two teams are set to face off next week to determine who is strongest. Make sure you catch Week 3 of the UKEL next week, Monday 17th February, starting at 6PM.