UKEL Spring 2021 Open and Promotion & Relegation Tournaments

We are pleased to finally be able to announce the dates of the upcoming open tournament and promotion & relegation tournaments!

Open Tournament:
Saturday 27th March and Sunday 28th March

Promotion Tournament:
Saturday 3rd April and Sunday 4th April

The Open Tournament will follow a manually seeded, BO3 single elimination format. The two finalists will earn themselves the right to compete in the Promotion & Relegation tournament the following weekend!

The Promotion & Relegation tournament will see the 7th and 8th placed teams from the UKEL Spring 2021 split battle against the finalists of the open tournament in a 4-team double-elimination bracket! The 7th seed UKEL team will have choice of opponent from the two Open Tournament finalists in round 1 of the bracket. The winners of the upper bracket final and lower bracket final will qualify for the UKEL Summer 2021 split, while the losers will have to look ahead to the summer Open Tournament for their next chance to qualify!

A full rule set will be released later, but to get yourselves started we’ve highlight some key information you’ll need to get going:

1) Each starting roster must field a minimum of 3 UK & Ireland resident players.
2) All players on the roster must be rated Diamond 4 or higher in solo/duo queue in the current ranked season.
3) A player cannot have started in 50% or more games in the UKEL Spring 2021 split, or equivalent split for other European Regional Leagues.
4) A team does not need to represent an organisation for the Open and Promotion tournaments, however they will be required to find one (which is registered as a UK/Ireland limited company or partnership) prior to the Summer split starting.

Sign-ups and the full rule set will be released at the end of February so keep your eyes on our Twitter page for that!