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UKEL Statement: nerdRage

The UKEL has thoroughly investigated the situation which has arisen between player, Fadel, and organisation, nerdRage. The following will explain our decision, as well as how we have come this decision.

We would first like to assure the community that this investigation has been taken very seriously, a significant amount of time has been spent over the past few days looking through evidence submitted by both the player and the organisation, as well as individual conversations with both parties who have both been extremely co-operative throughout discussions. We must however remind the community that in the interest of fairness we must work within our own ruleset and cannot punish teams without due reason, otherwise we risk losing our license should a complaint be made.

From all evidence gathered, it has been found that nerdRage have not broken any rules. We do however agree with the player that their dealings with the organisation have been below what we would expect of a UKEL organisation. There is not sufficient evidence to prove, or disprove, malicious intent. However, we have identified that poor communication between both the organisation and the player, as well as between organisation staff internally, has contributed significantly to this situation. We also agree that this has not been an isolated incident and so feel we do need to take some form of action to prevent a similar situation arising in the future.

As such, nerdRage will be under probation, effective immediately, for the duration of the UKEL 2021 Summer Split. The probation period will be used to observe the way in which the organisation communicates both with players and staff to ensure that mistakes made recently do not happen again. This will involve:

  • A member of UKEL staff being present in the nerdRage LoL Discord server to observe communication.
  • Providing advice and support regarding potential improvements to communication.
  • Resolving potential disputes as a neutral 3rd party if required.

At the end of the Summer Split, a review will take place as to whether the UKEL believes the organisations conduct has improved during this period. Significant improvement will result in the end of the probation period, while little to no change could result in further sanctions, up to and including removal from the league if deemed necessary.

Both the player and organisation have been made aware of this already and have both agreed with the plan going forwards.

Thank you to both parties for their cooperation and equally to the community for their patience while we have come to a decision, we hope that this outcome is seen both as fair and just.

-Alex (Operations Director)